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* This electric reel is designed and manufactured as the capacities and the purposes, to supply the electric power of factories of working yards more safely and effecticely.

• 전선규격 : 1.5SQ, 2.5SQ, 4SQ
전선극수 : 2P~10P까지적용
길이 : 10m ~ 20m
스프링 : 고탄성 스프링적용
릴색상 : 대리석칼라(A.B.S), 오렌지색상(별도주문)
취부형태 : 벽 천정, 바닥(free)
적용범위 : 작업용 or 기계대차용
연속취부시 : 2라인, 3라인, 4라인 가능
              (고급형2 라인 참조)
Model (P) Length(M) (A) Meterial Remarks
JT-1.5-3 1.5SQ*3P 10,14,18 15A VCTF consent(2구)
JT-2.5-3 2.5SQ*3P 10,14,18 15A VCTF 3P cable
JT-2.5-4 2.5SQ*4P 10,14,18 15A VCTF 4P cable
JT-2.5-6 2.5SQ*6P 10,14 15A 합성고무전선 6P cable
JT-1.5-8 1.5SQ*8P 10,14 15A 합성고무전선 8P cable
JT-1.5-10 1.5SQ*10P 10,14 15A 합성고무전선 10P cable